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Real Estate & Construction

Project management
& Cost Consulting

Principal Designer & Project Management
Design and Construction Management
Planning, Execution and Reporting
Quality and Information Monitoring
Cost Consulting & Quantity Surveying
Building Improvement & Sustainability

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principal designer (cDM) & project management

Do you want to meet all your statutory duties?

Do you want your risks registered & managed?

Do you want efficient and seamless projects?

Do you want costs, quality & time controlled?

Design & Construction Management

Closing the gaps between design specifications, procurement and quality assurance

Risk Register Coordination

Pre-Construction Information

Fulfillment of Client Statutory Duties (CDM)

Cost Consulting & Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying and Cost planning for projects

Valuations and Payment Reviews

Cost Plans and Estimating

Bill of Quantities

Tender Writing & Analysis

Procurement Management

Engagement, Execution & Reporting

Early consultation and stakeholder engagement

Focus group facilitation

Design Expectations

Requirements Elicitation

Quality Monitoring, Information & Technology

Reporting and Tracking

Gap Analysis of Current Systems

Establish info & record systems

BIM Management

Simulations (Energy, Thermal & Light)

Digital Marketing Media

Design Walkthroughs - AR, VR

3D Modelling & Building Scanning

Photography & Video Capture

Sales Media

Building Improvement & Sustainability

Management of project information to prepare for handover to the Client post PC.

Snagging and commissioning recording
Operation & Maintenance Optimisation
BREEAM Reports and Client Submissions

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We understand the true value of sustainability. It is not just a buzzword or checklist, but a means to benefit humanity and our environment. 

Did you know increasing the Sustainability of your properties, can increase the value?

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