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Sustainability in the Built environment

Green Consulting

Project Management specialising in delivering Sustainable and Smart Outcomes

How Green are you?

Or how efficient are you? How much waste do you save?

You’re forgiven for thinking of rubbish when it comes to waste. Truth is, many of us waste time, money, many other resources in the name of seeking profit. At times, at the cost of the purpose. 

Pre-Contract Advice

Before you get into any delivery or construction agreements or contracts, and are making decisions on feasibility, viability and development of the project brief.

Our Work Starts Here!

We manage due diligence, stakeholder consultation, to develop a thorough understanding of the whole life cycle of the scheme.
This includes all project parameter considerations including cost, time and quality.

Quality and Procurement Management

BIM and Project Information Management

Building Improvement & Retrofitting

You already have existing buildings, contracts, have procured services or works already - and need to make them more efficient.
To achieve carbon zero targets, you need to know where to allocate your funds and resources.

We complete surveys, inspections and stakeholder consultation to provide recommendation reports. At request we can also provide project management services to deliver our recommendations.

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Being sustainable can be simple

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We understand the true value of sustainability. It is not just a buzzword or checklist, but a means to benefit humanity and our environment. 

Did you know increasing the Sustainability of your properties, can increase the value?

Not sure how to improve your buildings performance?

Or how to spend your Green Home Grant?

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