Be grateful. Don’t be offended at the prospect of more.

I respect getting by, trust me I do. I’ve been doing it most of my life, my parents generation and those before them – all were focused on that. I do have a problem though with those that seem to get offended at the prospect of more. That they could be doing just that little bit more, that could change everything for them. Not everyone is suited for that entrepreneurial path, same way not everyone is suited to be employed within an organisation. That’s ok. Some people even belong in academia, that’s neither so what then. What’s more in these cases? Am I talking about never being satisfied, never grateful, always seeking more – No. I’m talking about optimising, increasing efficiency to save or conserve yourself or your resources. For those more entrepreneurial, perhaps that means taking a risk and doing something different from the way you are used to, maybe pivoting an idea or business model.

I used to say something, “that’s I’m running a race against my past self”. I would tell myself that when I felt like I wasn’t progressing enough, not achieving or even setting goals to move forward. That’s the key thing isn’t it, life is a journey. If you’re not learning, growing, developing, you may as well be dead. You cant even thrive by just enjoyment alone, it would become empty, something you continuously chase like that first time high. You, we, need to be constantly evolving to be satisfied, and that evolution is mostly within ourselves. The more we empower ourselves, give ourselves the permission to be the best of who we have been gifted to be – the more we own our path. We find ourselves suddenly overwhelmed by opportunities to grow, and to also support growth. I’m learning this more and more every day. Every day I meet an amazing new person, that usually reminds me in some way of someone I already know or met previously (we are after all so similar, and connected). I tend to realise, and it may seem silly to say this, we’re all human. I was tempted to say just human then, because that’s the common statement, but the truth is appearing to me that the statement holds us back. We’re not only just human. We’re all human and that means, if he or she has the power, you and I do too. It means we are not limiting ourselves right from the start with the constraint that we take advantage of to mean whatever negative thing we wish. Using it as a way to excuse our laziness or lack of morality, while at the same time as a way to somehow relinquish some sense of responsibility to what we can actually achieve.

“the ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make… and could just as easily make differently”

David Graeber

I see so much goodness, potential, opportunity in people. Those around me, the mutually connected and even strangers that become acquaintances. I see the connectivity where many see differences, separations and adversary. I used to get so frustrated, no I think I still do from time to time, with the fragmented methods and cultures in organisations, and even communities. By being grateful we understand our gifts, and realise the ingratitude of not using them. That race we’re running, isn’t against other people because our different gifts and energies send different ripples out. We complement each other, and strengthen our missions – at least we can, when we decide to own our own value. We don’t all have to be experts in that same thing, we don’t have to think the same, and we don’t have to always agree. In fact I would say that the more we are able to debate, disagree to then reach a point of mutual agreement, that win-win scenario. Then we have started to really understand one another, and collaborate. The competition then between us is enhancing, challenging one another to reach more win-win scenarios.

I see a better way, and sometimes it feels and appears so obvious to me, I assume it is obvious to everyone. I forget sometimes that although we can walk someones path, you cannot view things through the same lens – you cannot always understand what is comprehended or derived as the meaning or value for another person. At least not until that person can see the value for themselves, you can help them see theirs. For some of us, by wanting and seeing more – we are seeing the value in you, what you offer and bring to the world. We want the world to be blessed with it too. Don’t be offended because I know we can make the world a better place. Our differences make the world a better place, and we should find the value in how those differences complement our similarities.