I dont think this is innovative

And it might sound strange to some people. I want to create a business where everyone gets paid by the same rate. We all contribute 2.5% of our annual wages to a charity or world changing CIC (depending on what we vote). To me that would mean, the strength of our purpose would drive our profit. The more profit we make, the more we all get to share. The more get to use to empower other good initiatives in the world.

Do you think that’s a lot to ask of people? Where regardless of the specific value you bring, your value is recognised. It’s not compared against the value of someone else. So you’re not competing against them, but with them against the inequity of the world. Would it then matter what our race, religion, sex, etc is? Would our differences define us, or actually empower us. Give us a safer space to express them and hopefully nurturing a sustainable creative, collaborative and cooperative culture and community.

I’ve never really understood moneys relationship with this world. As in, I get what it is, what we do with it, its ‘power’ in terms of being a key resource. I’ve always also felt I had to distance myself from it being something I ‘need’. For quite a long time in my life, I was successful. At first because I was too young to understand what it really is. When I started to work, and learn about it, money then became this tool that I could, if I had it procure certain things. Mostly when I didnt have it though, I would improvise or be satisfied with what I did have. It’s easier to make do when your responsibilities allow for that, and soon mine did not. The next phase involved me learning to earn what I needed to at least cover minimums. Outside of this, I was mostly happy to make do. What I have so far left out is that my minimum included my family. My Mum and my brothers that is. We all felt the responsibility to support my Mum, and before my brothers could work, that’s what I did. I also supported myself, and through your teenage years and early twenties – the line between needs and wants can be abit blurry. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I earned enough to enjoy the perks of driving early and going out. Though I never felt I earned enough to travel.

Anyway I had so many ideas growing up, but i was just so caught up with getting by. I was always also just giving work away for free because I didnt realise the value of it. I’ve since learnt many lessons and still learning them. One thing I would never do is undervalue someone, and sometimes this doesn’t work out. The value I see in people isnt always the service or product they’re selling, but them. Their integrity, their way of seeing the world, their opinions, what they bring to the knowledge and experiences they have. So even if the thing, isnt what it was meant to be. If they are what they say they are, then there’s still potentially a winning formula from the union of minds.

I’ve probably beat around the bush quite a bit getting here, but by having a same rate of payment for everyone in my own organisation. I believe it says we all value each other here, and what we all bring to make the organisation succeed, for the great purposes of our mission. I’d like to make the world a better place. I think we all have power to change our own minds, and be a beacon that ripples out to others. They hopefully also see their power and we all fight for change in the ways we most align to. Some of us are more spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative, emotional and, or social. One of my great teachers taught me about SPICES (I’ll explain that another time). But each of our amazing qualities whatever they are, are important, valuable, and they deserve to be released for the betterment of you, I and our world. Let’s challenge ourselves to be grateful for our selves, what we have, who we are. By being grateful, we can hope to own and harness what we have. Empower ourselves. And dont worry, where we struggle to, there are so many amazing people and nature around us we can ask or observe and learn from. Everything happens with time, and there are no shortcuts. I’ve started, and slowly but surely, I hope to see myself in a team of fellow great minds, changing our world.